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Foot-Related Information

DIABETIC FOOT CARE: It is crucial for diabetics to give special attention to the care of their feet as the consequences from diabetes can be severe. Diabetes is a disease caused when the body does not produce enough insulin, or in which the body’s insulin is incapable of performing its function.  The biggest concern with your feet is PREVENTION of those complications that arise from changes in sensation and circulation--Peripheral Vascular Disease, Neuropathy, Foot Ulcers and Foot Infections.  READ MORE

BUNION/BUNIONETTES: Bunion deformities should be recognized early and evaluated by your podiatrist for the underlying weakness in the structure of your foot.  If the bunion deformity progressively increases, surgery may be recommended.  All surgeries involve risks, and your doctor will discuss these with you prior to the surgery.  A Tailor's bunion is a small bunion at the base of the little toe, known as a Bunionette.  A large percentage of the population is likely to develop a bunion.  READ MORE
HEEL PAIN: Did you know the heel bone or calcaneus is the largest bone in the foot?  It bears all of the body's weight with each step.  Plantar fasciitis and heel spur syndrome are usually the result of biomechanical faults, such as flexible flatfeet, high-arched foot deformities and tight Achilles tendon. READ MORE 

TOES/TOENAIL PROBLEMS: A deformed toe is one of the more common conditions to afflict the foot. This includes:HAMMERTOES, MALLET TOE, OVERLAPPING TOE, AND CORNS. There's conservative and surgical treatments for these digital toe deformities, your podiatrist will discuss these with you.  When it comes to toenail problems, many of these conditions could be the culprit:  INGROWN TOENAIL, INCURVATED NAIL, FUNGUS NAIL, THICK NAIL, OR TOENAIL INJURY.  READ MORE