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Visitor Center: Foot-Related Patient Information
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Foot-Related Information

THE DIABETIC FOOT: Did you know that Diabetes can affect the eyes, heart, kidneys, and feet? Did you know that according to the American Diabetes Association more than 60 percent of all non-trauma related, lower-limb amputations are related to complications from diabetes? As Podiatrists we work with our diabetic patients to prevent and treat diabetic foot complications. When it comes to diabetic foot complications, prevention is truly the best treatment! Here are some commonly asked questions (Click on Read More).  READ MORE

BUNION/BUNIONETTES: Bunion deformities should be recognized early and evaluated by your podiatrist for the underlying weakness in the structure of your foot.  If the bunion deformity progressively increases, surgery may be recommended.  All surgeries involve risks, and your doctor will discuss these with you prior to the surgery.  A Tailor's bunion is a small bunion at the base of the little toe, known as a Bunionette.  A large percentage of the population is likely to develop a bunion.  READ MORE
HEEL PAIN: Heel pain is a very common reason for people of all ages to visit their podiatrist. Many different things can cause heel pain, but one of the most common is a condition called plantar fasciitis. The heel bone is called the calcaneus, and it is the largest bone in the foot. The calcaneus is an important part of the foot and serves as an attachment for multiple muscles, tendons, and ligaments. READ MORE 

TOES/TOENAIL PROBLEMS: A deformed toe is one of the more common conditions to afflict the foot. This includes: HAMMERTOES, MALLET TOES, OVERLAPPING TOES, AND CORNS. There's conservative and surgical treatments for these digital toe deformities, your podiatrist will discuss these with you. When it comes to toenail problems, many of these conditions could be the culprit:  INGROWN TOENAILS, INCURVATED NAILS, FUNGAL NAILS, THICK NAILS, OR TOENAIL INJURIES.  READ MORE